Wednesday, August 6

I Came, I Saw, I Showered

I'm in Italy guys! Because of this my spelling might not be great, because I have no spell checker...well, I do, but it's Italian. The fight was alright, not as long as I thought it was gonna be, and I slept through most of it anyway. Landed in Pisa, then got the bus from the airport to Florence. With no air coniditioning. That was hell. But by goodness, it was worth it. I decided to forgoe a coffee all day, until after supper. Again, it was worth it. All you people who think you know what the 'God Shot' is, you don't. You people who think you understand five star service. You don't. So, I had lasagne, with a white wine, followed by gelato. Then I had my espresso.

The machine was a four group Rancilio. The grinder, unfortunately, I didn't recognise. The espresso was served in a spotless, bowl-style demitasse, and looked perfect. A beautiful, hazelnut coloured crema, with perfect tiger striping. I tried pulling back the crema with my spoon (WBC style :p), and it repaired itself immediately, showing no evidence that I'd ever touched it. The the taste. I'll be honest, there was little complexity to the espresso. However, the quality of the shot more than made up for this. An intense chocolate taste, with a hint of hazelnut at the front of the tongue. All in all I can confidently say it is the very best shot of espresso I have ever had. Despite it obviously being a very dark espresso roast it did not taste bitter at all. Even the crema tasted balanced. It was full-bodied, with a light acidity.

Anyway, I'll post the rest of the night tomorrow, because the family is trying to get some sleep.

Till next time!

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Danish said...

As soon as you left to go on holiday and you think you've had the god shot, you miss my amazing shot today, too bad i made an americano out of it :(
Nontheless, have a good time, and keep posting!

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