Monday, September 29

Manchester coffee scene.

Right so I went to Manchester this weekend to visit a good friend of mine, with a side mission to look for coffee, good coffee. So at this point I'll be honest, I was far too ill to do that on both saturday and sunday, so...the joys of train station coffee on the way home, AMT was the target.
I bought a cappuccino, their "award winning and critics choice" cappuccino. 
A waste of 1.90 if you ask me, burnt and burnt, all I could taste was burnt milk, I cant really say too much more about it. When it cooled down I got a hint of coffee, slightly hazelnutty.
I think train station coffee is best left to coolaboola!

I'll be back in Manchester at some point, so if anyone knows of anywhere decent please send me a message! 



Glenn said...

For a city the size of Manchester there sure is a vacuum...

I travel frequently to Manchester and Stockport and am yet to find a truly great coffee!

Dane McGreevy said...

I didn't really look, but I've had amt before, and it wasn't that bad at all, but this time, i would have taken it back if i didn't have a train to catch!

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