Sunday, October 5

Just to let you all know!

Right, I moved into my uni on saturday, been looking around durham, gonna have lots of reviews for you in the next week, or two, when I should be sober, in the meanwhile if anyone knows of anywhere good please comment!



Anonymous said...

Hey Chris/Dane.

Nice blog boys

Together we shall take over the world from Newcastle mwha ha ha(evil laugh)

I don't know if you spotted my blog:

Keep up the good work chaps and I'll see you at the JAM in November.

P.s.I quite enjoyed the North east premier coffee blog comment on your vid.

Seamus McFlurry said...

lol. Nice to see you Stuart. Seen the blog, but tragically it's one of the ones I've yet to force into my daily routine. I will sort that out post-haste. Thanks for the support, and don't worry, I'm really looking forward to the Jam :)


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