Thursday, July 31

The Future Of UK Coffee: Part Two (And Some Other Stuff)

I've just been having a look at the CoffeeGeek website, and I was shocked and appalled at what I found in the UK regional forums there. In such a small community to have people making personal attacks against other baristi and roasters, etc is unforgivable. The UK coffee industry is growing, yes, but we need to work together in order to help it to reach it's full potential. It saddened me to see so-called coffee obsessives bitching about people and being downright offensive. Come on guys, work with each other, help each other, lets get the Industry sorted out and make Starbucks and Costa work for their money. All this crap is just going to reflect badly on what should be a friendly, open and completely approachable industry. What I will say is thank you to James Hoffmann. Gracious and level headed in the face of personal attacks and bullshit remarks about his ability as a barista, he once again proves he is an ambassador for coffee we can be proud of.

Okay, rant over. For now anyway.

As I promised last night, today I brewed up my first Ibrik-full of Turkish coffee. I think I need a little more practice, but it was a fairly pleasant cup. Probably added a little too much sugar, and was busy serving customers so completely missed the froth appearing, but still. Might try again tomorrow, we'll see. On the other hand I might leave it for the weekend. Either way I'll make some notes on the brew process and the tasting and post them.

And I think that's about it, I think. I'm sure I can throw up some new posts if I remember anything.

Love, hugs, and plenty of other soppy, gay stuff,

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