Thursday, July 24

Just A Quick One

It's 00:48 in the morning, and I have a 6:45 shift at work, but there are a couple of things I needed to get on here before I forgot. Firstly, I'd like to say a huge thank you to Glenn Watson, who has kindly added me to the moderating team on Coffee Forums UK. I just hope I can do my part to help it run smoothly and grow to the size it truly deserves to be.

Secondly, my workmates and I found out that our local Starbucks did an 'Aromalab' night every Wednesday from 6pm. Intrigued, we set off to have a look; at worst is would be a laugh, and at best educational. We turned up, went in, and asked the barista behind the bar about it. He told us that it was lead by the house Coffeemaster, who would go around giving free samples and teaching people about tasting and smelling coffee. We sat there for an hour and not one black aproned barista was to be seen. Not to be downhearted we bought coffees, sat and chatted, then knocked off to the pub to drink too many spirits and play pool.

So it seems that Starbucks has decided to make use of their Coffeemasters, and to try to ride the third wave of coffee professionals. Maybe we'll try again next week. If he doesn't turn up again then at least it's a chance for a piss-up. Will make sure to let you know if we ever get around to it.

Love y'all,


Danish said...

Next time I wont take car, therefore can drink propperly!

Glenn said...

Thanks for the plug !

I'll keep an eye out for ones in/near my area - although I couldn't tell you where my nearest is...

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